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Face to Face Pediatrics

At Home visits

We take pride in caring for your kids in the comfort of their own home. You already have so much going on, let us take the pressure away from you. Dr. Ross helps decrease anxiety and fears by creating a uniquely comforting experience. Our full home membership plan includes home visits and virtual visits. Our virtual only plan does not include home visits.


Doctor recommended!

Kid approved!

Face to Face Pediatrics

Video Calls

Care can be provided via secure video calls. It is easy to make an appointment with Dr. Ross. Prescriptions can be sent to your pharmacy making this an easier process. 


Face to Face Pediatrics uses Spruce Health, (HIPAA compliant) for video calls and text. 

Face to Face Pediatrics

Phone,Text, Email

Dr. Ross is a mom too. She understands how much of a relief it is to be able to ask a simple question to your doctor and to get a quick answer. She has removed the assembly line of people before her so our members can have direct access to her in the way that is convenient for them.

Face to Face Pediatrics

Sibling care and Lactation

It's hard moving around with all your kids. We get to know your kids, their health plans, their likes and dislikes, their habits, their medications. It's hard to keep up sometimes. We can monitor their development closely and catch issues early. We love families and look forward to growing with you.

Breastfeeding is great and Dr. Ross enjoys providing lactation  support through your feeding journey with your newborn.

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