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What is direct primary care?

Direct Primary Care is a healthcare model in which patients have direct access to their physician. It includes a small patient panel allowing for longer visits, better care, and a closer interaction between patient and doctor. Dr Ross will be available via video, email, text, phone call, whichever works for you. 

It allows for proper constructing of wellness plans for your child that includes nutrition, sleep hygiene, learning, and does not only focus on your child when your child is ill. Dr Ross can be considered to be your personal pediatrician who strives to keep your child out of the urgent cares and emergency department.


Will my child be seen by only one Pediatrician?

Yes, our virtual practice is powered by only one Pediatrician, Dr. Ross. You will not be seen by anyone else. All your messages will be received by our Pediatrician and will not filtered or escalated by anyone else.


Why do I need a membership?

Becoming a member ensures that you receive unlimited care by one Pediatrician. You will not be competing for visits with all of Arizona. Memberships are limited which allows us to provide quality care to a smaller number of patients and really spend quality time with our families.


Are you able to care for everything?

Not all conditions are treated via telemedicine eg: anaphylactic reactions, bleeding, deep lacerations etc. Our Pediatrician will still be your first line of support and direct you to the most appropriate level of care if needed.


How can I cancel my membership?

We understand unfortunate circumstances can occur. Simply send us a quick email notifying us and your service will be canceled. You may rejoin whenever you are able. Small fee may apply.


Will I need to make any other payments?

You will not receive any unexpected bills from us. No surprises. Your membership fee is the only fee you will ever receive from our practice. We like to keep it simple and easy.


Do you accept insurance?

No, we do not accept insurance. Face to Face Pediatrics works for you, not the insurance companies. We do not bill insurance companies for any services we provide directly to you. No copay or unexpected bills. Just an easy monthly fee. We are considered out of network for all insurance plans. We recommend maintaining your insurance plans for urgent/emergency/inpatient care and vaccine coverage. We can provide, upon request, a receipt for you to submit for insurance reimbursement. Please know that reimbursements vary greatly from plan to plan, therefore we recommend discussing with your insurance representative about what plan may be best for you.

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