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Albuquerque we are VIRTUAL

Same great care from a trusted community pediatrician

The demand for our service has been overwhelming. We knew we just had to continue to be accessible to our Albuquerque and New Mexico community no matter where we go. So although we are no longer able to continue to provide at home visits, we can continue to provide virtual visits to our members. 

 Patients will no longer have limited access to a Board Certified Pediatrician and can receive medical care and advice when they need it the most.

Our Story

Face to Face Pediatrics is now offering direct primary care virtually to ALL of New Mexico. Our board certified Pediatrician has a strong passion for educating parents and being accessible to them quickly. We believe that parents need to have up to date medical information that affects their child and be well educated on how to care for their kids when they are ill and bring them back to health and wellness.

Dr. Ross understands that there is a significant amount of information available to the community that can sometimes be overwhelming but she practices evidence based medicine and will always provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about your child's health. Our practice takes pride in having extremely low rates of urgent care and emergency room visits. We strive to listen to our patients and truly understand their concerns while working together to develop a management plan that works for you.

Our Practice

Our Why

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We do it for them

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