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ADHD Diagnosis and Evaluation



Too many kids are silently struggling and falling behind in school with undiagnosed ADHD. Untreated ADHD kids result in untreated ADHD adults. Sometimes there is an extremely long wait for an appointment

or if you do not have insurance the cost is over $1200.

Therefore we offer an ADHD Evaluation Package for both members and non-members.



At Face to Face Pediatrics, our Pediatrician uses a multi-modal approach to diagnose and evaluate for ADHD. In addition to a comprehensive history and physical with questionnaires from parents/family members, school teachers/instructors, laboratory testing and neurocognitive testing will also be used. All testing to be performed in the comfort of your own home.



ADHD treatment involves behavioral management and/or medication. We will discuss these options in detail and decide together on the next best step for your child. Two follow up appointments are included in your evaluation package as well as care coordination with your Pediatrician for continued treatment and therapy.

EndeavorRx therapy may be recommended for some kids who meet criteria.

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