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Get to know Dr. Ross

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Why did you want to be a doctor?

There was a home for Down Syndrome children on my way to school. I would purposely walk really slowly so I could see the kids playing in the yard. I was always drawn to them and wished I could understand why they looked that way or walked that way or acted that way. But most importantly I wondered if I could make them "normal" again. There in grew my interest in the human body and how and why we get sick. How does our body work for us and work against us. I continued to pursue sciences and never looked back. I just wanted to make life better for kids who didn't do anything to have the health issues they experience in life. It was a no brainer for me


Why did you choose kids?

Kids are amazing, resilient and need an advocate. I enjoy being that person for them. It warms my heart to see their skin improve and itch less from eczema or see them playing a soccer game despite having asthma. They didn't ask to be born with a genetic disease so its up to me to help them through it all. Kids love me too so it's easy to love them back!


Why did you choose concierge medicine?

I've spent time in outpatient pediatrics, inpatient pediatrics and the newborn nursery. I always felt like I was being rushed to get to my next patient and not truly teach and educate the family in front of me. This concierge model I chose to follow now allows me to have that fulfilling career that I have always dreamed of, the one where I can really bond with the kids while taking care of their health and watch them grow into amazing healthy teenagers who will eventually change the world.

I prefer to be available directly to a smaller number of patients and get to know them extremely well than to stretch myself thin over thousands of patients and rush their care.


What are your future goals for your career as a Pediatrician?

This concierge practice is allowing me the opportunity to have a significant presence in my patients lives. I want my patients to not only hear my recommendations but to see me model it also. I will run with them, I will dance with them. I will cook with them. I will be there for them every step of the way.

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