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  • What is Direct Primary Care?
    Direct Primary Care is a model in which patients have direct access to their physician. It includes a small patient panel allowing for longer visits, better care, and a closer interaction between patient and doctor. Dr Ross will be available via video, email, text, phone call, whichever works for you. In Home visits are on a case by case basis. It allows for proper constructing of wellness plans for your child that includes nutrition, sleep hygiene, learning, and does not only focus on your child when your child is ill. Dr Ross can be considered to be your personal pediatrician who strives to keep your child out of the urgent cares and emergency department.
  • Are you accepting new patients?
    We are currently accepting new patients. However, space is limited in order to provide amazing, detailed, personalized care to each child in our practice.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Face to Face Pediatrics works for you, not the insurance companies. We do not bill insurance companies for any services we provide directly to you. No copay or unexpected bills. Just an easy monthly fee. We are considered out of network for all insurance plans. We recommend maintaining your insurance plans for urgent/emergency/inpatient care and vaccine coverage. We can provide, upon request, a receipt for you to submit for insurance reimbursement. Please know that reimbursements vary greatly from plan to plan, therefore we recommend discussing with your insurance representative about what plan may be best for you.
  • How does your membership, payments and cancellations work?"
    We have a small exclusive patient panel which allows us to offer visits that are 6 times longer than your usual visits, superior quality care at your convenience, with no waiting times, dirty waiting rooms, unanswered/unreturned phone calls, middle men, or surprise bills. Membership fees are charged to the bank account that you provide when registering and must be paid prior to your first appointment. You can choose to be automatically billed on the 1st or 15th of every month, and you will never have to remember to pay! We do accept FSA/HSA accounts. We will be so sad to see you leave us but we understand that things happen and yes your membership can be cancelled with 30 days notice.
  • What will my appointments look like and how long?
    Dr. Ross will return your phone call to answer any questions you may have to help you determine if Face to Face Pediatrics is a good fit for you. Intake forms will be emailed to you to complete, which includes detailed information about your child, eg: favorite color, favorite snack, their latest interest - Trolls? Avengers? Olaf? Cocomelon? Your first appointment will then be scheduled at your convenience. Essential oils and music may be used, with your permission, to create a calming environment for your child. Our appointments are same day/next day and are as long as YOU need. Typically they are 30-60mins long for newborns and infants, because, you know, they just work on their own time and we have to work with them. However some appointments are 10-15mins depending on the problem and family needs. Check out our Visits page to see how the many different ways we offer your visits.
  • Do you accept non vaccinated patients?
    We care for all kids. We do believe it is better for children to be vaccinated to keep them away from very harmful diseases. We also believe that no parent should be shamed or harassed for choosing not to vaccinate their kids. Dr Ross will have conversations with families, with a no judgement tone, while supplying information that allows the parent to make that decision for their children.
  • What if my child is ill and we are out of town? Or a visiting family member is ill?
    Due to the special nature of our practice and because Dr Ross knows your child well, she can care for your child virtually and call in prescriptions, even if you are out of town, when appropriate. Sometimes, due to the nature of the illness, Dr Ross might recommend an urgent care/ED visit for further treatment or testing. The unexpected can happen and illness is by no means predictable. Dr. Ross is willing to care for visiting family members on a fee-for-service basis. Call for more information!
  • Will Dr. Ross see my child in the ED or hospital?
    Your child will be cared for by doctors staffed at our local hospitals. Since Dr. Ross knows your child very well, she will be available to provide information and/or documentation that might be required by the hospital staff. She will be happy to see you for a follow up appointment after discharge.
  • Dr. Ross helps breastfed babies but my baby does not breastfeed and still has issues feeding?
    No problem! Dr. Ross loves babies who are FED! We are here to help breast fed and formula fed babies. We will have in depth conversations about breastfeeding/pumping/formula feeds. Dr. Ross wants every mother to be comfortable knowing that she is giving her baby the best that she can. Our newborn package is perfect for these long in depth appointments.
  • My kids are healthy and only see the doctor once a year?
    We want to help you keep your kids healthy(mind and body) and out of the urgent care and emergency rooms. Kids are unpredictable and the unexpected does happen. Allow us to give you peace of mind knowing that we are available anytime you need us and we are just a phone call or text away.
  • Will Dr. Ross fix my baby’s tongue tie and perform circumcisions?
    Dr. Ross is experienced in performing frenotomies. It's a simple procedure that can be performed in your home. After assessing your baby’s tongue and latch, Dr. Ross will discuss the procedure with you and other possible options such as, orofacial specialists. Circumcisions will be offered in the future.
  • What happens if Dr. Ross is unavailable?
    Illness, unforeseen circumstances, vacations can occur rendering Dr. Ross unavailable. During those times, you will be notified via email and text and will have access to a covering Pediatrician. Most times Dr. Ross will still be able to communicate via text, phone, or email, however when out of the country, the covering Pediatrician will be available.
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