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New Mexico.....we have gone VIRTUAL!

New Mexico members can now sign up for virtual memberships. Now you can have the same great care from a well known Pediatrician in your community.

Visit our Albuquerque, NM page for more information on having a virtual pediatrician, one that has served your community and one that you can work for you.

Learn more about our Virtual services and memberships.

Tucson AZ.....we are HERE!

Our Arizona families can now sign up and become members of our Virtual Pediatric practice. We are excited to offer this quality personalized and holistic care to your little ones by a Board Certified Pediatrician who is also in your community.


Soon we will be able to offer our concierge style-direct primary care home visit practice to our Tucson, AZ families.

Virtual Pediatrics

from a trusted Pediatrician at your fingertips

We offer great quality pediatric care for your children via telehealth which has proven to improve the health and wellness of children because it is easily accessible and on time. Our practice encourages patients to receive up to date evidence based medicine to holistically care for you.

Our patients enjoy having the expertise of a community Pediatrician, one they know, trust and can depend on. No need to be confused by varying information on your child's health on the internet, blogs, social media etc.


Phone call, text, email, video call from your phone or computer. Great care and advice at your fingertips.

Direct primary care

We work for you to care for your child. We do not work for insurance companies. This allows us to provide quality personalized care for your child.

One Pediatrician

Tired of dealing with multiple providers in a practice. Your child will be well known by only one.

No waiting

Get answers and advice from our Pediatrician quickly and securely. Never have to wait or wonder anymore.

Direct assess

Your calls and messages are sent directly to our pediatrician. No waiting to see if your concern will be escalated to a doctor.

Holistic care

Our Pediatrician believes in evidence based medicine and has training in Integrative medicine as well. We will help your child maintain good health and wellness.

What our patients are saying 

"We have avoided going to the emergency room so many times by simply being able to have a timely response from Dr. Ross"

Jessie R, mom of 3

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