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The first 3 months of having a newborn brings out all your emotions. We can be there for you to deliver quality and personal pediatric care in the comfort of your own home. This is a special package for non members for the first 3 months of your baby's life.

- you won't miss an appointment

- no rushing out the door with a newborn

- you won't forget the milk, diapers or wipes when going to your baby's doctor appointment ever again

- 1-2hr long appointments.....amazing.....we know!

- all of your questions and concerns answered

- at Home Phototherapy if needed and meets requirements

- all well child visits at 2-5 days, 2 week, 2months, 3 months (additional visits may be recommended)

- 2nd newborn state screen performed in your home

- vaccines till 3 months ( if desired)

- unlimited phone, text, email and video access to Pediatrician

- fee can be applied to membership plan if you choose to join us

Schedule a Meet the Doc with Dr. Ross for package pricing and more information.

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