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Quality Care

Our Pediatrician has significant training in both inpatient and outpatient pediatric medicine, as well as Integrative medicine and takes a holistic approach to caring for kids. She has a deep love for nutrition and fitness to keep kids healthy and strong.


You never have to leave your home again. In home visits and virtual vists are a major convenience factor for  our families. It also benefits the kids who are more comfortable and open to their Pediatrician in their homes.

Direct Access

There is no middle man, no assembly lines of phone messages. When you call, text, or email, our Pediatrician is the one who answers. It's like having her right there with you to help you do the best for your child.

No judgement

We believe in providing parents with all the information they need to make an informed decision about their child.  You will be comfortable discussing all concerns and having all your questions answered, no matter how small or big.

What makes us different?

How does this work?

Meet and Greet with our Pediatrician

with Dr. Ross

This meeting helps you to learn more about the practice and decide if we are a right fit for you.

Sign up!

We are happy you chose us!

We send you an invitation email with all the instructions to sign up on our patient portal and commuication app Srpuce Health.  Flat montly fee is charged via autopay from your bank account.

Schedule your child's first visit

At home or virtually

Your amazing pediatric care begins  

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Rachel, Mom

"The convenience of having Dr. Ross come to us is a big help for me with my 4 kids. We love Face to Face Pediatrics"

Image by Oleg Sergeichik

Rose, first time mom

"Dr. Ross answered all my questions, never felt rushed, I was armed with everything I needed to care for my baby"

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Sandy, Mom

"Covid-19 has already made living a bit challenging, so I am grateful to Dr Ross and Face to Face Pediatrics for bringing some relief to our crazy year." 

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